The Hundreds


The Hundreds has been a long-time client of 530medialab. In 2013, we were asked to do a complete website overhaul based on new business initiatives for the brand. Their current sites were split between blog and eCommerce with a bulk of their traffic coming from the eCommerce side. The challenge was to create a progressive, updated site with more focus on media and integrate the eCommerce elements under the same domain.


We designed a scalable media oriented site that could accommodate tiered levels of multiple authors generating more blog specific content, while also driving to the eCommerce side of the shop. The site had to bring to life the vibrancy of the author’s stories visually in a way that was unique to the brand and allow highlighting of specific products and collaborations in a storytelling format that would still drive sale of products.

Development: Responsive


Services Provided

  • Integration
  • Creative
  • Dev
  • E-Comm
  • Strategy
  • Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Account Support
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