Red Bull – King of the Rock


Red Bull needed a digital partner for their “King of the Rock” one-on-one basketball tournament on Alcatraz. Because Alcatraz was a know destination within the United States, but not internationally, the challenge was how to take an international street basketball event and get both domestic and international audiences to participate. It was essential that 530medialab digitally create excitement around the event and drive people from all parts of the Globe directly to the digital destination and vote one who would make it to the finals.


Historically, the client had little to no lead-up to events. 530medialab wanted to create more audience engagement by generating build-up momentum prior to the event as well as follow-up engagement to enable continued brand momentum for future events. We achieved this by creating a 6-month digitally driven campaign with website, geo-targeted digital ads, interactive guides, and print materials.

Services Provided

  • Creative
  • Dev
  • Content Generation
  • Strategy
  • Marketing
  • Account Support
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