Edge Products


Edge Products was doing a great job on their social media, but the customer experience online was a different story. Typical to other automotive sites, the Edge Products site was cluttered and overwrought with confusing navigation and an complicated path to purchase. Managing products and updating their website was tedious and required IT support for simple edits.


Make the user experience clean, simple and easy to access product. Create a robust integrated content management tool, to allow for control and update of products, news, digital assets, etc. Work with the Edge Products design team to ensure that the brand message and image was being maintained without compromising the integrity of the user experience. The result was a simple, visually engaging site that gives customers an easy, uncomplicated path to purchase and allows Edge Products’ internal team to easily manage all aspects of their site.

Development: Responsive


Services Provided

  • Integration
  • Creative
  • Dev
  • E-Comm
  • Strategy
  • Account Support
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